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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Never Stop Learning

Asian Man
watercolor 14 x 11

Although I don't have a formal art education, I try to learn from as many places as I can. Last summer I went to art camp or at least it felt like art camp.  Two weeks away from family and daily responsibilities and being totally immersed in watercolor painting.  Carl Purcell was the instructor and he taught from 9-4. Many of us would stay way into the evening painting and encouraging each other. This Asian Man was first demonstrated by Carl, then we painted it from a slide he had projected onto the wall.  I learned so much during those two weeks.

Every day I try to learn something new.  I study photographs of paintings that are online.  I visit other artists blog pages.  I read from my many art instruction books or watch snipets of painting demonstrations found through YouTube, Yahoo Video or from dvd's I've rented online (   The best teacher, though, is doing it yourself.  It takes dedication making the time to actually paint each day.  It's easy finding other things to do but I am finding that taking the time to paint is feeding my internal spirit in ways I only wish I could describe.

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