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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first love

I've been spending a lot of time drawing which is something I don't usually do.  Drawing is really the foundation of good painting and I'm finding that taking the time to draw is really helping me loosen up when I paint.  I did the cowboy yesterday and the flower today.  I am limiting myself to one or two brushes rather than my usual dozen.  

"Red Flower
10x12 oil

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Having fun with sketching

 I've  called this blog Painting Almost Every Day because that is what I try to do but lately rather than painting I've been having fun with sketching especially sketching faces.  Since I have no formal art education under my belt with the exception of a painting workshop here or there, I've decided to get some instruction in drawing and painting the face and figure.  These are a couple that I drew of two different models.  The instructor, Paul Davis, met each of us at the level we were at and stretched us so we left the workshop a better artist than when we entered.