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Friday, December 18, 2009

Knowing When to Stop

Girl With Red Hair
oil on linen board 20x16

I took an oil painting workshop from Michael Malm last May. I was new to oils and also new to painting  directly from a live model although I did a few practice sessions with a model using watercolors before Mike's workshop.  Mike would do a demonstration in the morning and we would paint in the afternoon.  I didn't get very far in my three hour session so I took some photos hoping to finish my paintings after I got home.  This girl was one of the paintings I started in the workshop.  I got it out again this  last week and worked a little more on it today.   Painting from a model is so much easier than from photos.  You can see color variations that  the camera doesn't pick up.

I often don't know when to stop.  I also got the painting of Trooper out again today and did some more fiddling with that, too.  At this rate it will never dry and my brother might not receive this gift until next Christmas if I don't stop this.

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