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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspiration All Around

oil on masonite 10x8

I began the process of painting every day about two weeks ago so already have some finished.  This painting was among the first I did in this marathon of painting.  I'm posting early as I'll be Christmas shopping today.  Yes, I know I'm late AGAIN but better now than the week after Christmas when everything is really picked over.  I do plan on painting later today so might add to this post after that.

Thank you for the wonderful comments I have been getting through email from many of you.  Someone recently asked me how blogging would help my creative process.  What a thought provoking question.  Right now I'd answer that I find I have this blog in the back of my mind so my senses are heightened to what's around me even more than usual looking for good painting subjects.  What I am finding is there is inspiration all around me from the most simple subject to the vast landscape.  My dream is to paint a variety of things until I naturally find what I want to paint the most.  So, over the weeks and months ahead it might seem like I am jumping around but that is intentional.

It is amazing how vulnerable blogging makes me feel.  Painting on its own makes me feel vulnerable because I open myself so much in the process.  Now to invite the world to look at what I've been holding in the privacy of my own home is really going out on a limb.  I trust your comments will be constructive yet kind.

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