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Monday, December 14, 2009

Going to the Dogs

oil on panel 16x12

I have only painted a horse before and that was from a distance.  This painting is of Trooper, my brother Bob's dog.  Trooper passed away after having gotten a disease from a raccoon that ventured too close.  I wanted to give my brother and family a meaningful Christmas gift and thought a painting of Trooper appropriate.  Now after looking at this painting for a few days, I have decided to continue developing it.  I pray I don't ruin it but realize if I've painted it once, I can paint it again.

oil on masonite 8x10

I also wanted to give my sister, Dottie, and her husband a painting of their two dogs.  This is Ruggie. I thought I was done with this but again after looking at it for awhile, went back in and added a little blue to the background color.

oil on masonite 10x8

Let me introduce Daisy.  Did I mention that my sister had two dogs?  Daisy is an American Staffordshire better known as a pit bull.  Although I've not met Daisy in person, is there anyone who cannot fall in love with that sweet face?  All three of these dog paintings were done in oil.


  1. Wow Sue! Nice to see you have a blog. I admire your ability to jump from watercolors into oil. Lovely job.

  2. I'll say it again. That third one (Daisy) is really a good painting!