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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making do in a small art studio

I used to think that in order to be a good artist you needed a beautiful art studio with perfect north light.  What I've discovered is although that would be wonderful, having a lot of space is not necessary to creating art.  I've seen some artists paint in their unfinished basements and others take a small corner of a furnace room.  Some have set up an easel in the corner for a dining or living room and others have used the breakfast table, having to clear everything away when they are ready to sit down to eat with the family.  What I have is a quite small extra bedroom.

I've taken off the closet doors and put in shelves.  Yesterday my husband added other shelves so I wouldn't feel so cluttered.  The first photo is a stack of finished watercolor paintings dating back to some of my earliest ones.  Looks like I need to have a giant sale.

As you can see I have an area for painting in oils and another for painting in watercolors although I usually stay in the same seat for either medium.  This extra table is ready for one of my artist friends to come and visit and do a day or week of painting together. Any takers?


  1. How about a writer? Can I squat at your extra desk and be a writer-in-your-residence? ;-)

  2. Michelle I would LOVE to have you writing here. I'll have to send you a photo of the view from that window. It is an amazing view of the Wellsville Mountain range right now under a blanket of white snow.