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Friday, January 1, 2010

Finding Your Own Style

Girl with Scarf

watercolor 14x11

There are some artists that you can tell who painted something just by looking at it even before you see the signature.  There are times I think I have found my style then all of a sudden something totally different comes out from the end of my brush.  I know this painting was influenced by the work of Ted Nuttall whose workshop I took but it also felt very natural when I painted it. One problem though, it doesn't look like the photo I worked from.      It is almost as if some force took over.  I wonder if other artists have this happen to them.


  1. Exciting to see you have a blog. I admire your committment to painting on a regular basis. You are doing lovely work. Keep it up. Linda

  2. Wow I love girl with a scarf and the others. It is really fun to draw. It makes me happy. Great to see your blog.
    Joni Axtell