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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't wait - Do it NOW

I have always wanted to learn how to draw but I was afraid I couldn't do it so I didn't.  The same for painting.  I was always envious of those who had artistic talent and never felt I did.  It was my fears that kept me yearning instead of doing.  My first art classes were given by an artist who painted abstractly with very big brushes.  The benefit was I didn't have to know how to draw.  Abstracts were great.  I would just hint at what the subject was and get away with it but inside I've always wanted to learn how to draw.  Finally I'm taking a drawing class and yes, I've started with a portrait class and surprising myself that I'm capturing the likeness.  My advice is don't wait to do whatever it is you've been yearning to do.  Do it NOW.  Be willing to make mistakes - that's part of the process of learning and really it's no biggie.  I should know - I've made plenty of them myself.


  1. Sue - I think what you've found is that we grew up in an environment where accomplishment was stiffled. It's taken some of us too many year to figure this out so now we're rushing to catch up. Glad you're where you are today. Very nice work. I am proud of you Sis.
    Luv ya,

  2. Of course. I wish I could spell. :) Stifle.

  3. I'm sure there were times where we were stiffled, too. LOL You are right about needing to rush to catch up. We've both come a long ways over some pretty rough roads. You, too, have accomplished a lot dear brother. I love you - Be kind to yourself on your trip to Belgium and have a chocolate for me.

  4. Very impressive Sue. You have a natural knack for this sort of thing. You are good about jumping into new areas of endeavor.