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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Willing to Ruin Your Painting

Storm Over Zion
oil on panel 12x16

I began this painting in mid-January and just got around to working on it last night.  I'm always amazed at how the colors on the rocks change with the lighting conditions.  The same view can be painted differently dozens of times.  

There comes a time in each painting where you like your painting but know it could be better or you hate it and really know it could be better.  In both situations you must be willing to go ahead and make the changes, taking a risk that you could ruin it totally.  Without that risk your paintings will always fall short of they way you picture it could be.

The painting below is one of those paintings.  I've posted it before but never felt that it was what I wanted.  The main problem is I changed paint brands and have struggled with adjusting to the new feel of the new tubes of paint.   Never the one to want to give up on anything, I got it out and began working it some more.  This is where I am with it right now.  The before and the after.  What do you think? 



The before looked very raw and just didn't feel right.  The after is quite strikingly different.  Neither are an exact copy of the photo I worked from.  Photos, I believe, should be a jumping off spot - an inspiration.  The camera does a perfectly good job so I try not duplicate what the camera sees.  Here is the photo I worked from.  I'd like to do this some day in watercolor.  I'm really interested in hearing your comments on these paintings.  Feedback is very helpful.  Feel free to email me with your comments if you don't have a blogger account. My email address is

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