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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art Every Day

Rather than call my blog "Painting Almost Every Day" I should change the name to "Art Every Day."  Although I do try and paint part of every day there are some days I find myself yearning to just look at other people's art.  If I lived in a large city, I could browse the art museums in the morning and paint in the afternoon but being as Salt Lake City is 90 miles away, most of the time I have to content myself with browsing art found on the internet or kick back and read one of my many art books.  I can also often be found watching art instruction videos.  Yesterday was a trip to Salt Lake and Park City to get up close and personal with art by visiting some galleries.  

A trip to Salt Lake City wouldn't be complete without a trip to Ruell's and also Utrecht art supply stores and yesterday was no exception.   After a wonderful lunch at Cafe Trio, Bob and I headed up to Park City where we were greeted with great weather for gallery hopping.

Joseph Alleman had a show opening at the Montgomery-Lee Gallery which was a "must see" and although I had been fortunate enough to see his paintings at his studio the week before he sent them off to the gallery, I wanted Bob to see them in person.  We were WOW'd once again by his masterful pieces.  Also having art in Park City were Mike Malm, Doug Braithwaite, Barbara Summer-Edwards and Gary Ernest Smith.  Oh my gosh, I was in art heaven.  

Today's mail brought me a signed copy of Burton Silverman's "Sight & Insight" book and I've also just ordered some art videos that Quang Ho put together.  After church on the 21st,  we head down to Arizona to visit was some really neat friends.  In addition to being with them in the Phoenix area, we are going to spend some days in Tucson and Sedona, Arizona and also three nights in St. George, Utah.  I debated whether to bring my paints with me but instead think I'll settle on just my sketchbook and my camera. 

I might not get much painting done in the next month but I'm sure to be super-inspired by the wonderful desert landscapes and the multitude of galleries found in Scottsdale, Tucson, Sedona and St. George.  It will be interesting to see how this coming month will impact my art. 

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