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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fiddled again plus began another landscape

Ok - I did it again but just a little fiddling this time.  See if you can see the changes from yesterday's posting.  I used to love to do those puzzles where you had to find the differences between two pictures.  I wasn't always the fastest but I loved doing them.

Right Hand Fork
oil on panel 11x14

I seem to have fallen into a pattern.  I begin my day doing a little rework of the painting of the day before plus begin a new painting.  I know this seems like I am whipping these out but some of my days are from dawn until dusk - well maybe well past dusk.  Some paintings take a lot longer than one or two days but my goal is to paint every day.  These are the steps I've taken so far on my new painting.  I'll hopefully finish it up tomorrow or later today.

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