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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Go For It!!

You are probably tired of hearing me say my painting is done only to find it has changed a day or so later.  The portrait I've done of Scott Selfridge is one of those examples.  I asked artist Joe Alleman what he thought of the painting and he it was good but if I really wanted him to "pop" put in a dark background.  I used to find it hard to change a painting because I would worry about ruining it.   I am not sure why but I've reached the "just go for it" stage of my life and it is so freeing.  The paint is still very wet so lots of reflections when taking a photo but I changed the background.  What do you think?  Ruined or better?  The original paintings were done the last week of January so scroll down to compare. Enlarge the painting for more details and color.

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