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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I have been busy - all art related - although not painting.  I, as you might know, have chosen not to participate in art shows and exhibits during the last year or two.  I wanted to focus on painting and getting more comfortable with all that oil paint has to offer.  I did, though, decide at the very last minute to participate in one of our local gallery walks.  This decision snowballed to the point where I was framing two dozen paintings with only minutes to spare before the show.  After framing came the decision as to what to put in the show as space would allow for only 9 or 10 paintings.  We hang the show starting at 3:30pm and the doors opened at 6:00pm  Phew!  What a race it was to set up as the room had previously been used for a banquet and that had not been taken down.  But, we did it and the show was a success!!  Three of my paintings now have new homes and I have more space in my studio to produce more work.

This past week I've busied myself with designing a lightweight wet panel carrier as I'll be plein air painting for the next week and need a place to put a dozen wet oil paintings other than spread all over the seats of my Prius.  That done, now it is whittling down my pile of "must have" art supplies to bring only what I absolutely require.  HAH - easier said than done.  Second will be pack clothes and lastly, food for a week.  I wish I could say I can survive on paint fumes alone but there comes a time when even an artist must put down the brush and pick up a fork.

As luck would have it, the weather is about to turn.  I've not seen more than a few rain drops since early June but storms are in the forecast for this next week.  I wonder where my umbrella is.

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