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Monday, March 21, 2011

Familiarity breeds stress!

I'll start by saying I love everything to do with art.  I love looking at art, reading about art - I even dream about art.  The longer I draw and paint, the more comfortable I am with what I am doing EXCEPT when it comes to drawing or painting someone close to me.  Then I stress out.

A couple of months ago I painted my husband, using only a palette knife (see earlier post).  Today I sketched my daughter, Lisa.  I don't have a formal art background although last year I did take a drawing class from a local artist.  Actually, we would watch him do portrait sketches and then we would go home and copy from some photos, bring back our work to be critiqued by the class.  I learned a lot from him and am thankful for those four evening classes.  He didn't cover shading which really is what gives form, volume and shape to an object.  In the few weeks, I am taking a workshop on drawing portraits and I hope shading will be covered.  In the meantime, it is trial and error.

I am trying different drawing materials like conte crayon and charcoal.  In the past I've only used your every day #2 pencil or pen.

This is my daughter Lisa.  I wonder if anyone who knows her would recognize her in my drawing.  I can already see some minor adjustments I need to make.   The answer to all my artful desires is practice, practice, practice.

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