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Sunday, April 18, 2010

De-cluttering My Life

This winter has been mild in the Cache Valley.  Very little snow yet I am tired of it.  Maybe it's been the extraordinary amount of winter days of bad air brought on by the inversion due to lack of snow or maybe it's just that I've been in the house for what seems like years rather than months but I am ready for warmer weather.

One project I have been working on is de-cluttering my life starting with getting rid of my huge book collection with the exception, of course, of my art books and my vegan cookbooks.  Those will remain at least for awhile.

It's embarrassing to admit but between Bob and me we have 47' of bookcases filled to the ceiling PLUS about 20 or more boxes of books.  These books have brought each of us many hours and weeks of pleasure.  One of the things we are doing as we plan for our future is take stock of where we want to live and what we would like our lives to be filled with.

Our time here in Utah has been good.  Actually it has been more than good.  We've especially loved being able to be near our son Mark and family.  There is nothing quite like the excitement that grandchildren exude when grandparents arrive.  We realize though that our children have their own lives and as they get older their calendars get more full.  It is time that we branch out and find new ways to live ours.

So the defining of what our future will bring begins now.  Whatever or wherever we live we know that we want to travel with less on our backs and in our homes.  So the cleaning out begins.

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