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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is good art?

Budding Artist
watercolor 15x22

Just Doodling
watercolor 15x22

I did these paintings in watercolor a little white ago and thought they were good.  I entered them into two different shows but the didn't get in either.  I know that doesn't mean they are bad paintings but sometimes I wonder what is a good painting and what isn't.  In the top one I made the doodling look exactly like crayon.  I was so proud of myself but now I try to look at these with a more critical eye but I'm still not sure what is working with them and what isn't.  As I write this a little voice in my head says when it doubt, it's value.  So maybe that's it.  Not enough contrast in the paintings.  But where does "high key" paintings come into play?  Oh so much to think about.  Fortunately whether it works or not, painting brings me a joy that I find hard to describe.

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  1. Sue! I love these watercolors of children doodling!!! They are beautiful! I am sorry that some dumb panel wouldn't accept them into the shows. Well, I shouldn't say the panel is dumb, I just wanted to express my sympathies that they couldn't appreciate your wonderful work. Lovely, lovely paintings!

    Oh! and I noticed on your profile that your interests include veganism?! That is awesome! I've been vegan for four years now and never looked back! Plus you live in Utah?! How cool is that?! We're practically next door neighbors, as far as the web is concerned! :)

    It's been very nice to type to you, Sue! Thank you for sharing your artistry with the blogging world! You are a great talent!